‘NO JUSTICE, NO FOOTBALL’: Ferguson Loons Threaten To Shut Down Rams Game If Officer Wilson Isn’t Arrested

Published on September 20, 2014

The Ferguson protestors are not done with their demands for ‘justice’ for Michael Brown. This time they want to shut down the Rams game this weekend. Check it out…

The search for justice in Ferguson has spilled onto the football field as protestors say they plan to get into Edward Jones Dome and stop this weekend’s St. Louis Rams game.

The threat was first revealed at a St. Louis County Council meeting Tuesday night.

‘It’s not going to be a fun day Sunday at your beautiful Rams game,’ one protestor reportedly shouted.

KMOX reports that St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson is doing whatever he can to stop those threats from becoming  a reality.

‘We are having extra resources in the downtown area for this weekend to address any eventuality,’ he said.

He said that if a peaceful demonstration was held he would not interfere, but if they go beyond that the police will shut them down.

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