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KOBANE MASSACRE: ‘There are hundreds of bodies with their heads cut off’

I’ve got two words for this: Hiroshima. Nagasaki.

Thirteen-year-old Dillyar cannot get the image of his cousin being beheaded out of his mind. The pair were fleeing Kobane and running down a street when Islamic State fighters blocked their exit.

Dillyar managed to slip through their grasp but his cousin Mohammed, 20, was seized, and gave a blood-curdling scream as one of the black-clad maniacs drew out a knife.

‘They pushed him to the ground and sawed his head off, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’,’ the schoolboy told me yesterday.

‘I see it in my dreams every night and every morning I wake up and remember everything.’

According to those who escaped, the jihadis’ savagery is more hideous than anyone feared.

Headless corpses litter the streets of the besieged Syrian border town, they say, and some of the mainly Kurdish townsfolk have had their eyes gouged out.

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