OK and ISIS Beheadings–Where’s the Muslim Outcry?

Published on October 4, 2014

by Bill Pauwels, jr.
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

More twisted words from Barack Obama and friends. Apparently, the FBI’s now covering up the be-heading of a 51 year old white woman in Oklahoma last Friday, and nearly a second, by a Muslim butcher. Shamefully, the law is now calling this terrorist murder “work place violence”. Go figure.

Clearly this was a domestic terrorist act and should be treated as so by the FBI and DHS. The butcher’s own Facebook page apparently has praise for and pictures of other recent be-headings, praises for Bin-Laden and Islam.

He’s clearly a domestic Muslim terrorist driven by jihad.

Thank God the second lady was rescued from this butcher when the owner of the food company shot the wild beast preventing a second head from being cut off.

Hopefully Oblabla will give this brave fellow the praise, recognition and respect he deserves for saving lives with his gun. Thank goodness he had access to a gun.

I’m a bit curious as to where the peace-loving, Muslim community is on this terrorist act? Has any top Muslim leadership harshly and openly condemned this heinous act on a major TV network or newspaper here in America? 7 million Muslims living in America today and no real out cry denouncing the butchering of
an innocent human-being. Silence from them on the ISIS’s butchering of two Americans in Syria and Iraq and again more silence from them on this most recent butchering here on the home front. Where is the voice of the Muslim community here in America on this killing? Why so silent?


Image; http://vcom-freedom.blogspot.com/2012/08/civil-democratic-islam.html