PUBLIC MENACE: Political Correctness Threatens People

Written by Steve Bowers on October 29, 2014

This is a fine mess the Administration and their ilk have gotten us into. Obama can barely utter the word “terror”. Meanwhile, we have been engaged against the “enemy” in a war on something or other during his entire time in office. Shall we call it the “War (Regrettably) Against People We Find Doing Things We Find Highly Undesirable In Certain Questionable Circumstances, But Without Wishing To Impugn Their Intent, All of Which We Find Most Unfortunate”? Silly, Huh?

I heard someone had said it is “racist” to prevent people from entering our country from Liberia. I suppose this is because the people from Liberia are coming from an African nation…which has black people in it, ergo, quarantining passengers from Liberia is “racist.” This logic is flawed and will only appear valid to the impenetrably stupid, or those citizens of Freebie Nation who walk among us (ie, Two-Time Obama Voters).

I heard some dolt interviewed on TV a day ago who said “Those people [who want to come to United States] have a right to come here.” No “they” don’t. This logic is also seriously underthought and fatally flawed. (“Fatally” being the operative word.)

Obama’s suggestion that Ebola victims be allowed to come to our shores so they can be treated is also fatally idiotic. I did not confirm these words came out of Obama’s mouth, but I’m sure he or some liberal/socialist like him said it and, doubtless, he believes it. We don’t have the facilities to receive the possibly infected people. We don’t have enough doctors. At least not enough doctors who are willing to assume the personal risk.

When I saw the press conference last night, wherein the Governor of New York and the Mayor of NYC both assured us that all is in hand, I was not comforted. I had just read an article in the New Yorker magazine about the beginning of the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The magazine is a typical liberal rag, I read for the cartoons, but the article was very informative, and contrary to the two august New York politicians just mentioned, stated that Ebola can be transmitted by airborne means. It survives in liquids, such as mucous, which can travel in small droplets for several yards when launched by a sneeze. The article also pointed out how, when airborne in a droplet, the liquid can evaporate, leaving the virus attached to the small particulate that remains when any droplet evaporates. In testing, such particulates have been found to travel the distance of half a football field.

It is obvious from the information-failure of CDC and the apparent disagreement of information available to us all, this whole thing is still pretty murky. Making things worse, is the fact that some infected doctors are certain they followed protocol and are completely puzzled how they contracted the virus.

Not being an alarmist, I’m still going to attend football games, floating particulates notwithstanding. However, I hope someone can tell me which end of the field to sit on.

A quick word about the axe-wielding TERRORIST who emerged from whatever sludge filled hole he lives in, in order to attack a perfect stranger with an axe. Like you, I saw the video of the one second before he struck his victim in the head. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I know our President finds it terribly offensive when anyone engages in “profiling” (which is not tantamount to imputing guilt…only juries can do that). He’s a little overly sensitive in my opinion and sooner or later this politically correct crap and all it’s progeny (ie, “profiling”) will get lots of us killed. It already has, by way of the “rules of engagement” in the above mentioned “War On Terror.”

This opinion about political correctness does not make me a racist (except in the minds of race-baiters who profit from condemning those who disagree with them). I do not espouse returning to the days when the “N” word was widely employed (particularly by Democrats who so long opposed the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960s). (See LBJ and Robert Byrd …long time member of the KKK…which was rationalized recently by Bill Clinton.)

I am simply advocating a return to some common sense. The mayor of NYC recently halted “stop and frisk” practices which had nearly stopped most crime in the City, particularly “poor sections” which may not here be construed as a “racist buzzword” or phrase. Profiling was probably heavily utilized by the NYC cops. If some young guy is loitering in a high crime neighborhood and he’s carrying a crow bar or some other burglar’s implement…check him out! Knowing the cops are engaged in such practices will, alone, be a strong deterrent to crime.

It is said that the intent to commit murder (which distinguishes “first degree” murder from “second degree”) can be formed in an instant. The guy visible in the axe-wielding video is right out of central casting. Young, male, heavy beard, looked odiferous, aiming the business edge of an axe at some person’s head, etc…. he was spot on. If I see him coming at me with axe raised…I’m profiling him in “an instant” and my .45 auto and I will take necessary action.

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Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.