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ADIOS MARY: Democrats Pull Cash from Mary Landrieu Before Louisiana Run-Off Election

Hey, Mary… how do you like your Liberal buddies now?

In Louisiana, however, Democrat incumbent Mary Landrieu was forced into a run-off with Bill Cassidy who garnered less votes than Landrieu total, but shared the votes with fellow Republican Rob Maness who siphoned 14% of the Republican vote. Combining Maness’ 14% with Cassidy’s total, it would have been roughly 55% to Landrieu’s 42%.

What does that mean for December’s run-off between the top two candidates? Landrieu is in serious trouble.

Knowing that, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) has pulled their support for Landrieu in the race that is all but certainly going to Cassidy.

POLITICO reports:

The committee canceled all broadcast buys planned from Monday through Dec. 6 in the state’s five major media markets, three sources tracking the air war told POLITICO. That’s about $1.6 million worth of time. The DSCC is in the process of canceling an additional $275,000 in cable placements, according to buyer sources.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee, by contrast, has reserved $2.3 million of broadcast ad time over the next month.

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