BOOM: Fmr. SEAL’s Bad-Ass Response To Bin Laden Shooter Interview Fiasco

Published on November 4, 2014

Roger that! Check out this epic public response from this Former Navy SEAL. Enjoy.

Hannity – Former Navy SEAL, frequent Hannity guest, and President/CEO of United States Continued Service, Jonathan Gilliam responded Saturday on his website to the fiasco surrounding the Bin Laden shooter’s interview with Fox News which is set to air next week.

Specifically, Gilliam addresses the open letter from the head of the Navy SEALs, Rear Adm. Brian Losey which criticizes those SEALS who wish to go public with classified information and threatens them with legal action. Losey calls current and former SEALs “quiet professionals” who put in a tremendous amount of hard work, knowing they won’t receive public credit for much of their accomplishments.

Admiral Losey,

Please explain to our community how sending an open letter to your “Teammates” through the press, preaching about the quiet professional was somehow the proper example to your fellow SEALs.

Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) has a list of who we are. The UDT/SEAL Association has our emails. Instead, you chose to further the unprofessional and dysfunctional perception growing in the public’s eye by flexing your pen in a public forum. Perception is reality regardless of the incredible community we actually are. Your inability to enforce the rules and set standards within the Navy is the biggest hindrance to our brand, even more than any other particular SEAL. You proved it by sending that letter publicly.

It is time for you to start setting the example for all of the NSW community. Get off social media, stop cuddling up with press, and start building silent professionals that used to make up Naval Special Warfare (NSW).

Every warrior knows that action always beats reaction. Regardless of what Team we served at, or how long we were active, we all earned the Trident. If we really are a community of brothers, then take action and reach out to us personally. Challenge us. Bring us together and lead us. Otherwise this community will continue to be a brotherhood of individuals.

A warrior should never mimic the politicians that govern because it is a recipe of destruction, and a SEAL should always set the standard. It is time to BE THAT MAN!

Very Respectfully,

Jonathan T. Gilliam
BUD/S Class 218
United States Continued Service “Still Serving”

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