EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH: Brave Female Papa John’s Manager Sends Two #Ferguson Punks Packing

In the background you can hear some chick say, ‘she gonna put her life in danger over a Papa John’s?’  Some morons don’t get standing up for principle… private property… etc.  1000pts for this bold manager.

A video shows the incredible moment the female manager of a Papa John’s bravely defends the store from looters during riots that turned parts of Ferguson, Missouri, into an urban warzone.

The unarmed woman is seen using her hands to guide a masked man away from the storefront, after he starts punching the windows in an attempt to smash the glass.

She places body between the store and the man and appears to be trying to reason with the looter, who squares up to her and jabs his finger aggressively in her face.

Read more: Daily Mail

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