MASSIVE GRIZZLY KILLED: This Could Be The New World Record For Bowhunters

Published on November 13, 2014

Those who hunt grizzly/brown bear with bows are brave souls. Check this out.

The Pope and Young Club announced on Monday that a grizzly bear taken in 2009 may be the new world record for the largest grizzly ever harvested by bow and arrow. That bear was killed by Rodney Debias near Unalakleet, Alaska and earned an initial entry score of 27 and 3/16, a full inch larger than the current record, which is held by OutdoorHub contributor Dennis Dunn of BAREBOW! fame.

“I’ve known about this bear for years,” Dunn told OutdoorHub. “In fact, once I heard about the big grizzly that Rod Debias from Pennsylvania took back in the spring of 2009, I also heard that he was hunting with the same outfitter, Hunt Alaska, that I used back in 2004.”

Through the outfitter, Dunn was able to contact Debais to congratulate him.

“Records are meant to be broken,” Dunn added. “I made a prediction after I took my bear in 2004 that if any bear was going to beat mine; it would be in that same stretch of Alaska.”

Sure enough, Debias bagged his bear not too far from where Dunn took his grizzly roughly a decade ago in the tundra near Unalakleet. Resting near the Bering Sea, the town of about 700 is emblematic of the Alaskan wilderness and is well-known for its salmon fishing and large population of caribou. The area is also known for hosting the most powerful predators of the Alaskan interior: grizzly bears. Debias later wrote that he came within 10 yards of the bear without being detected, although the bear finally figured out that it was being pursued when it was already too late.

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