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POST-ELECTION, Obama Vows to Finish Destroying America

Republicans have been ecstatic over their mid-term election victories this week but they seem to be oblivious to the fact that Obama just vowed to finish destroying America. He is serious about taking revenge on the country for daring to vote against him and he is serious about fulfilling the goal of his lifelong agenda.

As soon as the press had the opportunity to talk to Obama following the Tuesday elections he made it clear that his priority would be to further his war on America by way of illegal alien invaders. He swore to use executive action to flood the nation with this invading force. He also had the audacity to say that he was fully justified in doing so simply because Congress won’t do it for him.

Obama is acting as a dictator. He states that the immigration system is broken and he believes his stating so makes it true. He then believes that Congress should take the steps he says must be taken to “fix” the system (i.e. grant amnesty to millions of aliens) lest he unilaterally act on his own. Apart from the lie that the immigration system is broken (it isn’t; he refuses to enforce the law) no president has the authority to bypass Congress if it won’t do what he desires. One of the central purposes of the Constitution is to prevent a president from doing whatever he wants. Thus, legislative refusal to do Obama’s bidding does not grant him authority to go around it. “Constitutional scholar” Obama pretends he doesn’t know this.

But unless the American people stop him Obama will break the law. He will exact his revenge on law-abiding citizens by making them a minority and replacing them with a population of foreign enemies loyal to him and the tyrannical left. Doing this will effectively, forever-after suppress the vote of law-abiding Americans.

Many powerful people are already supporting Obama either directly or indirectly. Democratic Representative Luis Gutierrez is ramping up his rhetoric for the invasion. Former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer is another invasion advocate. He writes in The Washington Post that, “Statements about ‘self-deportation’ for illegal immigrants, for example, alienate voters who would otherwise be open to Republican ideas. It is high time for the GOP to move forward on immigration reform.”

Other Republicans are also eager to betray the nation. Mitt Romney made headlines right before the election by promising that Republicans would send an “immigration reform” bill to Obama should they win the Senate.

There really is a war going on in America. Many leading the nation want to destroy it and they are dedicated to achieving that goal. Thankfully, an increasing amount of everyday people are waking up to this reality, and they are holding their elected officials accountable. And just as the citizenry—not the politicians, pundits, or even conservative leadership as a whole—defeated the Democratic-Media complex narrative that there is a conservative war on women, that conservatives are racist, and that Republicans would never win national elections again if conservatives didn’t embrace amnesty, there is no reason to believe the same law-abiding and Constitution-supporting citizenry can’t emerge victorious in this latest battle.

But it will take a lot of effort from the people of flyover country in order to succeed. After all, just as the politicians, pundits, and much (not all) of the conservative leadership failed to lead the fight to defeat the Democratic-Media complex narrative on the aforementioned topics, no one should expect them to lead the fight as Obama rallies his forces for this latest clash. The American people must again make a lot of noise and force their elected officials to stop Obama’s war regardless of whether our leaders want to do so.



Paul Hair

Paul Hair is an author and national security/intelligence expert. He writes fiction and nonfiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter. He provides his national security and intelligence insight as a freelance consultant. Connect with him at Contact him at if you are interested in his professional services.