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REALITY: Here’s A Bunch Of Reasons Why You’re Still Frickin’ Single

Do any of these apply to you? If so, that could be why you’ve been staying home eating Doritos and watching Netflix on Saturday nights. Check it out…

By Lauren Martin, Elite Daily

In a report aptly titled “Selfies,” economist Edward Yardeni points out that there are more single Americans right now than at any other time. Yardeni noted that half of American adults are not married, compared to the 37.4 percent in 1976.

He also reported that young adults, compared to their predecessors, are more likely to rent a home than own one, and never-married young adults are less likely to have children.

We’re bucking the trend and it should feel good. But sometimes it doesn’t. We’re constantly comparing our lives to that of our parents’ at our age, and that needs to stop.

So, for all of you surprised with the news, here’s just 71 reasons we’re all f*cking single.

1. Because it’s so much easier to go home with Netflix.

2. Because you’d rather send 140 characters than say three words.

3. Because we’re all just another swipe.

4. Because we can’t talk without alcohol on our breath.

5. Because we have our real face and then our Facebook.

6. Because there’s always somebody better looking on Instagram.

7. Because nude photos.

8. Because you’d rather not find out three dates and $500 later that they actually suck.

9. Because careers are more important right now.

10. Because you can’t commit to finishing a book, let alone finishing someone else’s love story.

11. Because your Seamless account doesn’t talk back.

12. Because we love our selfies more than anyone else.

13. Because you’d rather go out with your friends Friday night.

14. Because we’d have to make it Facebook official.

15. Because we’ll never be Jay and Bey.

16. Because we don’t want to admit our parents were right.

17. Because you don’t want to date someone who’s not gonna be your last.

18. Because GAMES.

19. Because he’ll never look like Tom Brady.

20. Because she’ll never look like Gisele.

21. Because you don’t want anyone to know how much “Game of Thrones” you actually watch.

22. Because we’re holding out for something better.

23. Because you like your bed the way it is… with just you in it.

24. Because filters.

25. Because no one’s taking you to brunch.

26. Because dates are a 2 am text.

27. Because it’s easy to hide behind a screen.

28. Because you don’t even know who you are.

29. Because you don’t have a job.

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