RELIGION OF THIN-SKIN: 75yr. Old Faces Racism Charges Over Sarcastic Remark About Muslims

Published on November 4, 2014

You can makes jokes about everything except Islam. Check this out…

A 75-year-old who was traveling on vacation from London’s Stansted airport has spent the last 6 months facing racism charges for using the “M” word after airport security asked him to remove his shoes.

After retiree Paul Griffith sarcastically responded to the workers, “I am not Muslim am I?” one of the workers became upset, accusing Griffith of racism saying he was “shocked and unhappy” by the old man’s remark.

Griffith was then detained by authorities, where he was interrogated for over an hour:

“One minute I am queuing up to get on a plane and the next I am confronted by two armed policemen. They said I had used racist language and took me to an office in the terminal,” he said. “I was quizzed for an hour and told I was free to catch my flight but had to report back to police as soon as I returned to the UK.”

He was eventually released so he could continue on with his vacation plans, but when he returned, Griffith said things became even more serious:

“I was photographed, had my finger prints taken and they also took a DNA swab from my mouth. Then they said I would have to go to my local police station,” Griffith said.

Griffith was eventually charged with causing “racially or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress.” Throughout the ordeal, Griffith maintained his innocence:

“When I went to Colchester police station I was told I had been charged with an offense under the Crime and Disorder Act but that I could accept a caution instead. I refused to do that — I had done nothing wrong and I wasn’t going to admit to a criminal charge if I wasn’t guilty of any crime.”

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