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ESCAPEE FROM NAZISM: ‘Don’t Change the Greatest Country’

by Karla Weaver
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Don’t change the greatest country our planet has ever known.

I was born into 1936 Nazi Germany and I’ll not forget who I am or where I came from.  I am proud of the heritage my parents gave me.  But, I was also born under the “Empire Leader”, (Reich Fuhrer) Hitler’s control of my country in a small village, (Niederwurschnitz) near the Czechoslovakian border.  To this day I fearfully recall the S.S. and the Gestapo.

My family was among the very few that, although suffering great loss, my mother, father, brother and I survived the war with our lives but lost almost every other possession.

A few days before the war ended, I met an American for the first time, a young, battle exhausted soldier that gave an eight year old, hungry, dirty, terrified little girl a stick of gum.  I kept that gum for many days and even then vowed that someday I would go to the place that could make such delicious treats and had such kind soldiers to give them out.

Within days of the war ending, the Americans departed and the next day we were “liberated” by the Russians. For several years, we experienced near starvation, even feeling content with a type of bitter Dandelion Leaf Soup.

I grew up and was educated under Communist rule with Russian as a second language, and although forbidden to speak of it, always wondered about that land of rumor and wonder, “The West”.

After a year of planning, at age 19 and with the help of my brother’s planning, I attempted escape but was found out, written for “retraining” in prison but while two guards argued, made good my escape to West Germany where I knew no one and felt like a foreigner. By that escape, I left my family and all that I knew and could not communicate with them for years.

I survived working as a beautician, including as a crew member on a multi-month cruise through the Mediterranean, to Australia, Indo-China, and returned around the horn of Africa.  It was from Australia that I felt safe to let my family know I was alive and free but not even why I was in Australia or what I was doing there.

Five years later in 1961, I was sponsored to entered the United States through the “front door” and later became a citizen; this after meeting all requirements of the law without a “free pass” from anyone and without any government handout.

Thirty years ago I was stopped for a traffic infraction.  I was so terrified that the officer was taken aback by my shaking and had to sooth my fear.  That was a reminder that I continued to fear uniformed authority.  It is only now that those fears have begun to abate.  But today I fear that parts of this government are sliding back to repeat some of the tyranny I experienced under the Third Reich and the G.D.R. 
To all of you, I confirm that:
1. By witness, the Holocaust really happened.
2. Hitler murdered over 6 million; Stalin over 21 million.
3. Freedom is our most precious gift.
4. The United States is the most wonderful country on the planet.
5. The poorest among us are among the richest people on earth.
6. The U.S. Constitution is the second greatest writing ever.
7. The Government ALWAYS takes more than it gives.
8. What the government gives to one, it took from another.

God Bless America!!!  Don’t “change” her!!!  Keep her free!!!!!

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