UK’S SMOKING NAZIS: Smoking In Cars With Kids Illegal…MA$$IVE Fine

More government intrusion into the Brit’s existence. They should ban Islam. I’d be cool with that. Enjoy.

Smoking in cars carrying children is to be made illegal with offenders facing fines of up to £10,000.

From October 2015, smoking in cars with children in them is to be banned – and even allowing a passenger to light up will become a criminal offence.

A new law is expected to be passed next month (December), the Sunday Times reported.

It will apply to anyone carrying children in a car, not just parents.

The ban follows a historic vote in February, when MPs overwhelmingly backed plans to make it illegal to light up in a car in England, punishable by a £60 fine or points on a motorist’s licence.

Smallprint in the new consultation paper suggested drivers who fail to stop passengers smoking in front of an under-18-year-old face fines of up to £10,000 – a much higher penalty than the maximum £800 fine for the passenger who lights up.

Enforcement officers would be able to issue a £50 fixed penalty notice both for smoking in the vehicle and failure to prevent smoking in the vehicle.

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