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VEGAN BABY: Mother Has Underweight Baby on ‘Vegan Diet’ Taken Away for 5 Months for Neglect

Did this mom have the right to feed her baby vegan formula? Or is it justified to consider it neglect? Check it out…

A vegan mom whose newborn son was taken into care for five months after she refused to take him to hospital for weight treatment has revealed the moment he was taken away.

Sarah Markham, from Florida, was finally allowed to care for her son Caleb last week following a judge’s orders, although she still faces child neglect charges.

Caleb was taken into care in June when, instead of following a doctor’s orders to take him to an emergency room, Markham decided to try supplementing her breast milk with a vegan formula.

‘Caleb was losing some weight so I had some concerns that I was only breastfeeding and that is when they said we needed to supplement,’ she told Today.

‘Instead of taking him to the hospital I went and got theĀ formula,’ she said.

Markham’s doctor then reported the new mother to Child Protective Services – she was arrested for child neglect and 12-day-old Caleb was away and given to her parents.

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