ILLEGAL ALIEN: Victim of An Illegal Alien Shooter Says, ‘When He Shot Me He Was Smiling’

Are these the same ‘dreamers’ Obama is talking about?

A carjacking victim who miraculously survived a fatal shooting rampage in Sacramento that resulted in the deaths of two officers said the shooter was smiling when he fired at point-blank range.

“When he shot me he was smiling. When he shot me, you seen a crazy look. He liked what he was doing…to me,” Anthony Holmes said about his shooter in an interview with local NBC News affiliate in Sacramento KCRA. He said Marcelo Marquez was “a pro.”

Marquez went up to Holmes and told him to give him his keys. Holmes said “Man, I don’t know you.” Then he was shot.

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Marcelo Marquez is a twice-deported Mexican illegal alien. His legal name is Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte.

Holmes said his quick thinking saved him from receiving a serious fatal shot to the head, which was Marquez’s intention.

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