OBAMA 2014: Still Helping Muslim Brotherhood Conquer America

Written by Audrey Russo on December 28, 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, it’s always profitable to glance back to see what we can learn from our mistakes and missteps. But there are some among us whose actions are not mistakes, missteps or mishaps…but rather full-out, intentional acts of subversion. Especially concerning the embedding of the tyrannical ideology of the followers of Muhammed. And the most prominent of these subversives to, accidentally on purpose, commit these acts: Holds this country’s highest office…

It’s no secret that Barack Obama was the impetus behind the so-called Arab Spring, which forced the Muslim Brotherhood upon Egyptian society. As a refresher on the Muslim Brotherhood (since NO Americans were taught about this terrorist entity in American public schools):

— The Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928 by Hasan al-Banna.
— The Brotherhood Creed/Mission: “Allah is our objective; the Quran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.”
— Al-Banna was a frank admirer and supporter of Adolf Hitler.
— Al-Banna had Mein Kampf translated into Arabic in the 1930s.
— His disciple, Haj Amin al-Husseni, was the patriarch of Palestinian nationalism, and spent the Second World War in Berlin recruiting Arabs for Hitler’s legions.
— Al-Banna’s ambition was to create a global Islamic kingdom establishing Sharia as a global law:

It is a duty incumbent on every Muslim to struggle towards the aim of making every people Muslim and the whole world Islamic, so that the banner of Islam can flutter over the earth and the call of the Muezzin [Muslim who leads the call to prayer] can resound in all the corners of the world: Allahu Akbar [God is greatest]!

But that’s not where his activities for the Brotherhood end. Aside form the fact that he has stacked his administration with members of the Brotherhood, the so-called Christian president had his administration working diligently, a few days before Christmas, to get CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and MAS (The Muslim American Society) off the UAE (United Arab Emirates) terror list.

A little reminder here concerning CAIR and MAS…
— CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case (they are a funding arm for Hamas in the US, but the government decided not to indict them). Parent organization, Islamic Association of Palestine designated a foreign terrorist organization in 1995.
— MAS was founded in 1992 and describes itself as “a charitable, religious, social, cultural and educational, not-for-profit … Islamic organization.” In 2004, MAS secretary-general Shaker Elsayed said that his organization had been founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Co-founder Jamal Badawi is an unindicted co-conspirator in Holy Land Foundation case.

Hmm…with an economy in the toilet, a forced “healthcare” system that is rolling out to the precipice of an abyss, and his ‘brethren’ (Christians) being slaughtered globally at an alarming rate by Muslims…why on earth would an American “Christian” President be investing the peoples’ time on securing terror-linked groups have free reign, in the land of the free and home of the brave?
Answer: His loathing for the American system, and his affinity for Islam, actuates him to help all who desire our demise.
Here’s hoping for an epic fail in ALL his endeavors against freedom, in 2015!

Shalom through strength…

Image: http://captaintarekdreams.blogspot.com/2013/08/muslimbrotherhood-nonhuman-massacres_22.html


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