O’Really O’Reilly: Astute Theologian Bill The O’Reilly Compares Belief in Jesus to Climate Change

Published on December 17, 2014

If you get your theology from Bill you probably also shop QVC for swords.

(HUFFINGTONPOST) — Sixty-five percent of Americans believe in the Gospel version of Jesus Christ’s birth, says Bill O’Reilly, more than those that believe in global warming.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The O’Reilly Factor,” the Fox personality explored that belief schism, asking panelists Julien Musolino, a psychology professor at Rutgers, and Joshua Dubois, a former faith advisor to President Obama, if it’s possible for someone to believe in the birth of Jesus and global warming at the same time.

“Professor, people choose to believe,” O’Reilly says, addressing Musolino. “It’s a choice, it’s a conscious choice. You say you’re surprised that more people believe in the birth narrative of Jesus that comes from the Bible … than in global warming.

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