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WOW: Online Donations For Darren Wilson Pour In

Thanks to the race baiters, Darren Wilson resigned from his position as an Officer and will have a very hard time finding a new job; but donors and supporters of his are putting their money where their mouth is. Check this out…

The woman who founded the movement to support Darren Wilson has spoken out and revealed that the Ferguson police officer could have a $1 million war chest.

The supporter said that she knew of at least $500,000 from two donation funds set up in his name but that was a ‘conservative estimate’ – and the total could be seven figures.

She declined to give her name for fear of reprisals and revealed that she had been subject to a torrent of ‘vile’ online abuse.

Wilson is still employed as a Ferguson police officer although his lawyers have said they are in the early stages of talks for him to leave the force.

He has not incurred huge legal fees as his lawyers were all from the police force union and the force is likely to have covered the cost of hiding him until the grand jury verdict was announced.

Wilson’s war chest will probably be used to pay for additional security in the months and years ahead as he and wife Barbara Spradling, who has a child from a previous relationship and is pregnant with his baby, will be unable to work for some time and may have to relocate.

┬áThe supporter told MailOnline that she actually understood what it was like to lose a relative at the hands of police – as her own father was shot dead by a cop in 1995.

She said: ‘You have to be accountable and my dad had to be accountable.

‘He wasn’t a bad person, Mike Brown might not have been a bad person but he made a very bad choice that day.’

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