‘JE SUIS CHARLIE’: The Clooney’s Take A Stand At Golden Globes Against Islamic Idiots

Good for them.

Amal Clooney used her first Golden Globes red carpet to make a political statement – pinning a ‘je suis Charlie’ button on her Dior handbag in support of France following a series of terrorist attacks last week.

Mrs Clooney was joined by her husband George and several other stars who flashed the viral phrase for cameras.

‘I am Charlie’ is a statement of solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine where eight journalists were murdered – along with two policemen and two bystanders – by Islamist fanatics last weekend.

Dame Helen Mirren, Kathy Bates and Diane Kruger also voiced their support.

Film producer Harvey Weinstein wrote in a Variety column that he hopes stars use the Golden Globes as a chance to pledge solidarity with French journalists who were killed last week.

‘There’s always champagne on the table. I hope we can all raise glasses and that someone like Tina, Amy or George Clooney will urge us to toast with 300 million viewers around the world: ‘Je suis Charlie, je suis juif, je suis Ahmed,’ he wrote.

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