OBAMA AND THE ENEMY: It IS Treason…and Other Stuff.    

Written by Larry Usoff on January 5, 2015

By any statute, definition, or legend, when you give aid and comfort to the enemy, during a time of war, that is treason.   The release of prisoners from Guantanamo prison, who find their way back on to the battlefield, is aiding and abetting the enemy.  That, alone, is a treasonous act, just one of several that this current imposter in the White House has done.  In a court case, each and every prisoner that was released from the prison, would be considered as a separate action, so there’s many counts that can be brought against this president.  

Acting as the top law enforcement officer in the nation, Eric Holder has brought frivolous charges against people, doing the dirty work of the administration, and while it may not be treasonous, it certainly is contemptuous…and he’s been cited for contempt of Congress…the only sitting Attorney General that has been so charged, as far as I can tell.  

The utter lawlessness of the administration, the favoritism shown, the corruption and cronyism displayed, is something that’s never been seen before…and the American people have let it slide.   Why?  Is there a strong belief that harm, perhaps deadly force, would come to anyone daring to call out the administration?   Is that the reason that so many court cases, dealing with anything substantive about the president, end up being dismissed?   Is that the reason that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court sided with the administration and let the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, become law?  

Lest you think we’re not going to mention the cult of Islam, here we go…the recent murders of two NYPD officers was the work of a black, Muslim, nut-job.  Is that too harsh?  Perhaps the line from the movie A Few Good Men is true…you CAN’T handle the truth!   It’s no secret that the official line of Islam, that it’s a religion of peace, is being disproved every day.   First, according to the dictionary definition, a cult is “a sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader.”   If you kill people, in the most heinous manner possible, for no other reason than they are not the same as you, that’s extremist in my book.  

Certainly, no matter what name they go by, Islamists live outside of conventional society and take their lead from a pedophile who died 1400 years ago, so that’s good enough for me.   Suicide, by whatever means, because you believe you will be a better person in paradise, makes them nut-jobs in my book.   Imams have said that Islam is not compatible with anything in “the West”, and to me, that means the rest of the civilized world.   Islam is a cancer on the body of the world and what do you do with a cancer?  You kill it, or it kills you.  Period.

Are Americans really as stupid as they have been called?   Sadly, that seems to be the case.  With the first election of the current president, they could have been excused because they were running a social experiment…electing the first black president.   There is NO excuse for the second time.   If the first four years were not enough to expose the incompetence of the man, then certainly his opponent, Mitt Romney did…on several points.  

Rather than elect a man with a proven track record in business, in government and a clear-headedness, the electorate chose to re-elect a man who promised everything, delivered nothing and made enemies out of friends.  In the remaining time in office, who knows what havoc he will bring down on this country?  

At a time when countries that dislike us, and that’s a mild word, are building up their armed forces, our delusional leader is cutting our personnel to the bone, and making the choice of a military career a bad decision.  Why would anyone volunteer to go into harm’s way, without the solid backing of their own government?  The answer is they wouldn’t, and that is the plan of this administration also, to make us weak militarily, as they have already done economically.

And, talking about the military…what is happening to Bowe Bergdahl?  As I understand it, the investigation is over, and the Army is not releasing their findings.  In a trade, our delusional president let five top-level terrorists go back, ostensibly to be under surveillance during the time they’re free.   Anyone that believes that these men won’t find their way back to the battlefield is simply sticking their head in the sand. 

Personally, it’s my opinion that Bergdahl deserted, during a time of war, and that calls for harsh punishment, maybe even a firing squad.  Now, there will be some that say we aren’t at war, but when you’re in combat, being shot and and in danger of losing your life…that’s war.   The last soldier to face a firing squad for desertion was in 1945 and the man was Eddie Slovik.   Because Bergdahl’s parents were so warmly welcomed at the White House, it’s doubtful that we’ll hear anything about whatever punishment is meted out to him.

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired   www.AirHumanityRadio.net

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