‘RACIST’ NYPD COPS ARE DOING A GREAT JOB: Murders in NYC Drop To Lowest Point In Recorded History

Published on January 2, 2015

Major crimes also continue to fall citywide. Please forward this to de Blasio.

The number of murders in New York City last year dropped to its lowest point in recorded history.

The 328 slayings recorded in the city’s five boroughs in 2014 is the lowest figure the NYPD has seen since the department began collecting such data consistently in 1963, the New York Times reports.

The figure is only a slight drop from the 335 murders recorded the year before — but is a huge milestone compared to some of the city’s most dangerous years.

In 1990, when the city’s murder rate its darkest year since 1963, some 2,245 people were killed in New York — an average of six slayings per day.

‘This year, 2014, this NYPD beat the records — that is an achievement for the ages,’ Mayor Bill de Blasio told Police Academy graduates this week.

Despite upticks in shootings and car thefts since 2013, overall reports of major crimes in the city declined by 5 percent, from 105,428 in 2014 from 110,728 the year before.

The city’s 16,326 reported robberies — down 14 percent since 2013 — also represent the lowest number of such crimes since 1963, the Times reported.

Back in 1981, New Yorkers fell victim to some 107,495 robberies.

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