GRANNY’S A BAD ASS: Watch This Elderly Woman Confront ISIS and Call them ‘DEVILS’

This granny should teach Obama some lessons on how to confront ISIS.

An incredible video has emerged showing the moment an elderly woman bravely confronted two Islamic State militants, telling them their terror group is cursed and that they are not back by God.

The video, which is believed to have been shot in Syria, shows the woman walks up to the fighters’ car, brand them both ‘devils’ and tell them: ‘I swear nothing you have done was in the way of God’.

Clearly shocked at being confronted, the men initially plead with the woman, telling her to explain what she means and asking if ‘everything is good between us?’.

The woman chooses to ignore the men’s attempts to justify ISIS’ brutality, however, and instead attacks their bloodthirsty savagery and accuses them of ‘killing each other like donkeys’.

The video begins with the elderly woman walking up to the militants car and berate them for being members of the barbaric terrorist organisation.

Repeatedly urging them to ‘turn back to God’ she tells the fighters that ISIS is cursed and that neither they nor Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian regime will emerge from the bloodshed victorious.

The men initially respond to her berating them by asking her what has prompted her attack. They then try to justify their actions by telling her of their recent prayer sessions.

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