I’LL MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU: ISIS Using Disney Movie, Mulan, to Recruit Young Teen Girls to Fight

Published on February 26, 2015

Yeah, fighting for ISIS is exactly like a Disney movie. Just take a look at their home videos and do a little compare and contrast – practically the same, right?

The Disney film “Mulan” is based on a Chinese legend of a warrior woman. A dutiful daughter cuts off her hair and pretends to be a man. She becomes a soldier to fight for her family’s honor, an inspiring example for many young women, including, it seems, female followers of ISIS.

“I wonder if I can pull a Mulan and enter the battlefield, these are the hopes and desires being expressed. This is a lens into their thoughts,” says Erin Marie Saltman, Director of the Institute of Strategic Dialogue. “They are given this romantic that they are traveling to this foreign territory by themselves. It’s quite liberating for them and they will be paired with a Jihadist soldier. And when you look at the men with guns and windswept hair and the desert in the background, this is actually empowering. But also, women are inciting violence on their twitter accounts and blogs. They’re encouraging people, to the point of saying: If you can’t travel Islamic State territory, I encourage you to carry out the war at home. And that’s inciting violence abroad.”

Saltman is tracking dozens of ISIS women online. This Tweet she says is a perfect example of the contradiction these women pose: “Raised on Disney. Aspiring to Jihad.” The role of ISIS women may be evolving, no longer just Jihadi brides, but also recruiters and facilitators, possibly even spies.

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Watch a clip from Mulan below – exactly like ISIS, right?