ISLAMAPOLOGISTS: Allen West Muddies Obama’s Prayer Rug

Written by Audrey Russo on February 1, 2015

The West is being dismantled. And not with the permission of those who built and maintain it. It’s being destroyed from within, by a tyrannical system parading as a religion. But how is this possible living under freedom, with free expression enshrined in our foundational documents?

It’s made possible by those IN the West: Who have our Enemy’s back.

Those elected and privileged enough to be granted the position of protecting freedom for all, have instead …because of political expediency/myopia, selfish goals, and the loss of ALL testicular fortitude…become the advocates for tyranny.

Islam apologists…or as Allen West (and friend Greg Mosing) coined it: Islamapologists, are those who ignore the heart of Islamic terrorist behavior…and immediately jump to the defense of this violent ideology, while implicating the victims or ANYONE who questions the integrity of Islam.

Some Islamapologists know EXACTLY what they’re doing, like John Esposito, Nathan Lean, Barack Obama…and anyone at CAIR. And others defend Islam out of sheer ignorance of the ideology, simply parroting the erroneous reports they’ve received in the mainstream media. Yet others…like Western leaders…do it out of political expediency, so they are careful not to publicly know TOO much about Islam, or they will be forced to do what’s right for the people they serve.

Islamapologists are some of the most dangerous people living under freedom today. They are as culpable as the Jihadists themselves, because they are the gatekeepers of freedom. Instead of aiding in the preservation of the freedom so many died to protect, they have chosen to give access to those who long to kill, steal and destroy all that has made free people rejoice in safety.

And they roll out this “welcome” mat (prayer rug)…with every lie they disseminate, that polishes the image of Islam.

Thanks to Allen West…we can now identify Islamapologists, like President Obama: They’re the ones with the muddy prayer rugs.

Shalom through strength…



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