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JAILHOUSE JUSTICE: Man Rapes 18-Month-Old Stepson, Goes To Prison And Gets Raped By 20 Prisoners TWICE!

You’ll freak when you see the picture of this guy after the other prisoners got through with him. He got a serious taste of his own medicine after ending up in jail and being sodomized when fellow prisoners found out what he did. Scroll down to see the photo.

In what appears to be a rapist getting a dose of his own medicine, Inquisitr reported that Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier, a Brazilin jujitsu instruction, allegedly raped his eight-month-old stepson, Michael Star, who was confined on Sept 27 at the Anchieta Hospital but died two days after.

“It was Satan that entered my body,” quoted the martial art expert explanation to the judge. Xavier appears to have spoken too soon because after he turned himself to the police, he was jailed where he was initially sodomised by up to 20 fellow prisoners.

The Inquisitr Web site included a photo of Xavier with more than 10 wounds on his back and blood stains on his shorts, indicating he was raped.

Reports said that medics treated Xavier, including stitching his anus which was ruptured due to repeated sodomy.

However, the sexual assault did not just happen once but was repeated. The inmates again raped Xavier which tore the stitches on his rear.

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