MORE MISREMEMBERING: Brian Williams Says He Was ‘Lucky to Survive’ Hezbollah Rocket MILES Away In New Video In Question

More trouble on the horizon for Brian Williams. The news anchor claims that he was ‘lucky to survive’ a Hezbollah rocket in a new video that has emerged.

Beleaguered NBC anchor Brian Williams could have exaggerated another near-death story involving himself – this time from a stint covering Israel’s 2006 war with Hezbollah.

Williams seemingly embellished an account of a helicopter ride with Israeli Defense Force officials to imply he was almost hit by a rocket, when in fact he was nowhere near enemy fire.

The potentially pumped-up claims came a little more than a year after the event, when Williams recounted a slew of now-doubtful anecdotes about his time in the midst of mortal danger.

It came amid claims that NBC bosses had been told about Williams’ alleged track record of puffing up stories, and were baffled by the habit.

Williams told a student reporter he was ‘lucky to survive’ the helicopter ride, organized by the Israeli military to give his NBC news crew an aerial perspective of the conflict, near the city of Haifa.

In a recorded interview ahead of a speaking engagement at Fairfield University, Connecticut, he told how rockets whizzed by ‘just underneath’ the Blackhawk he was riding in with an Israeli general.

However, a broadcast segment he himself filmed that day makes no mention of being inches from death, only mentioning plumes of smoke and a rocket he saw fired six miles away.

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