PAYBACK’S A BITCH: Jordan Releases Video of Their Air Force Strikes Against ISIS

This is how you fight a war with ISIS. Please forward to our Coward in Chief.

Jordan has released a slickly-edited video that shows its war planes being prepared for bombing strikes against Islamic State jihadists in Syria.

The footage, which was published online today, shows members of the Jordanian military writing messages on plane-mounted missiles before the fighter jets are launched from the base.

The mission – dubbed Operation Martyr Moaz in memory of the pilot brutally killed by ISIS – is the latest show of force from the nation, which has promised a ‘harsh’ war against the terror group.

It comes just hours after Jordanian fighter pilots made a diversion over the hometown of their murdered comrade, Moaz al-Kasasbeh, on their return from an air raid this morning.

Dozens of jets bombed ISIS training centers and weapons storage sites in Syria and struck targets neighbouring Iraq for the first time – intensifying attacks against the militants.

The assault came after Jordan’s King Abdullah II visited the grieving Kasasbeh family in Aya village.

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