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by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

As is my Constitutional right, I charge that our Federal and some State governments have promoted and are continuing to support the greatest fraud on upon its citizens in world history. This fraud has divided the citizens to a degree not seen since the Revolutionary War and perhaps the Civil War. Every day we become aware of more push-back and I fear, but expect, the people will soon rise up to demand return to a Constitutional Republic where fair laws are equally applied. To that end, I suggest a use for GITMO and the rumored FEMA internment camps.

I open with the acknowledgement that those whom feel threatened for my conclusions would “pray” that I be arrested or experience a serious “accident” as has occurred to political adversaries during the Johnson, Clinton, and Obama Administrations. If the reader is afraid to pass this on, then I have proven the point that in your home, tyranny has replaced our Constitutional Republic. If you hold that fear, perhaps you are among those who, by being complacent, have aided in the downfall of our Constitutional Republic.

I have specifically copied my two Senators and Congressional Representative that swore to “Protect and Defend the Constitution”. I believe that they have exposed their oath as being in serious doubt in favor of their yielding to the whim of a usurper and his appointees and Tsars in the White House.

From a multitude of sources, a growing number of lawsuits have been filed against Obama in particular and his Administration in general. I believe that even a cursory investigation would require that Obama should be arrested and charged with “Fraud upon the United States and its Citizens”, his assets frozen, and he be held without bond including very limited outside communication because of the national secrets he is aware of. Further that every elected or appointed official that supports the Obama Fraud, should be warned of the potential charge of “Conspiracy to the Obama Fraud” and the penalties that could be administered.

Upon a finding that Obama is not a U.S. citizen under law, every law he has signed, every executive order he has given, every agreement and appointment he has made including federal judges should be immediately vacated, voided and overturned. Each and every of these should be required to be re-visited by the Congress and the next President, provided those approving persons are not among those indicted as co-conspirator to the Obama Fraud. A charge of co-conspirator should be considered for V. P. Biden and certain senior congresspersons.

All cabinet seats should be immediately vacated and all Obama political appointed top department heads such as FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, all “Tsars”, consultants and close advisors, (Valerie Jarret), should be arrested and held under house arrest with limited communication and without bond until each and all such arrestees are either cleared of being a contributor to the Obama Fraud or are found to have practiced treason against the United States by promoting violation of its laws and the Constitution.

A new Executive Order should be immediately issued that anyone destroying government records is actively committing a crime against the state and subject to lethal suppression on the spot, (No Sandy Berger tricks permitted). The passports of all executive federal employees should be revoked until separately reviewed and approved for use. All assets of EVERY federal employee and elected official at Department head and above should be frozen from liquidation or transfer until that person has been cleared of all association with the Obama Fraud. Inquiry should be fast tracked to raise the shadow of co-conspirator from the innocent as quickly as possible. Penalty for conviction of Obama Fraud Conspiracy should include prison time and loss of all assets gained while an employee, consultant or advisor to the Obama Administration and the United States.

Yes, this will cause great turmoil and perhaps even some civil uprising but is not near the deep damage that Obama and his co-conspirators have brought upon the United States or the penalties yet to be experienced by the majority of the American citizenry.

Are you a complacent co-conspirator or will you address this to your Congress-people and pass this throughout your mailing list?

They can’t suppress us all unless you allow it!!!



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