SARAH PALIN TELLS OBAMA: ‘Christians Pray for You, Radical Islamists Want to Cut Off Your Head’

Please let Obama know Christians aren’t the ones who will cut off your head.

Conservative darling Sarah Palin said Thursday that President Barack Obama needs to wake up and realize that the United States and the ‘genocidal thugs’ affiliated with ISIS can never coexist.

Referencing Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast the first week in February, during which he said Christians need to get off their ‘high horse’ when it comes to critiquing Islam, Palin told a group of conservatives that lectures like the president’s ‘won’t stop the Islamists from killing the Christians.’

‘While Christians bow our head to pray for you, radical Islamists want to cut off your head,’ she said of the president.

Palin dedicated most of her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, held a few miles outside of Washington, D.C., at a hotel in Maryland, to praising veterans and their service to the country.

‘Aside from God almighty,’ she said, the only force that can keep ‘barbaric’ terrorists at bay and ‘the only thing standing between us and savages is the red white and blue. It’s the United States military.’

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