ARE YOU SICK OF STARBUCKS LEFTIST PREACHY BS & COFFEE CRAP: Get ClashDaily’s Daily Grinds Rebel Patriot Coffee

Published on March 18, 2015

Coffee to stimulate the rebel patriot!

Drink to freedom and your God-given rights each morning with the appropriate java elixir – a steaming, hot mug of Clash Daily’s Daily Grinds. This stout blend of exotic beans brews up into a dark, rich potion with earthy notes of cocoa and toasted grains. Wake up and smell the coffee, my friends. This we’ll defend, to the very last drop.

Are you tired of supporting liberals every time you buy a decent cup of coffee? It seems like good coffee is joined at the hip with leftist politics and agendas. No longer. It’s what our staff drinks and it’s what your family and company should drink too.

Clash Daily’s Daily Grind coffee is fresh roasted daily for optimal freshness and deliciousness.