FEMALE CLERK WHUPS THUG’S ASS: Watch Young Woman Slam Dance This Crap-sicle

Published on March 3, 2015


This Lexington store clerk wasn’t gonna let this thug come in and rob her store without a fight.

He came in with another thug, both with hoodies and their faces covered. As she opens up the register to him, he sets down his gun on the counter and she grabs it and points it at him.

The two begin to wrestle over the gun and she shoots him in the shoulder. After begging for his life, she tells him to leave without the money, but he has a different plan and still goes for the cash.

In the end, after more fighting, he leaves without nothing except a gun shot wound and one less gun.

Needless to say, there need to be more people willing to stand up to this.

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