GROSS: Man Molests Sleeping Woman On NYC Train… Idiot Films It And Uploads It To YouTube

Cops arrest a man who sexually assaulted a sleeping woman on New York subway train after another passenger recorded attack – and put it on YouTube instead of intervening.

In October 2012, Elisa Lopez was sexually assaulted while napping on a subway train in New York City, and the entire incident was caught on video and spread online like wildfire.

The terrified straphanger punched the pervert in the face and fled the subway.

She did not realize the extent of the sexual assault she had endured until a work friend sent her the graphic video shot by a fellow passenger aboard the 4 train.

The grainy cell phone footage recorded by Brooklyn man Jasheem Smiley depicts a middle-aged man dressed in a faded denim jacket and jeans shoving his hand under the sleeping woman’s skirt and groping her.

The 18-second clip of the attack quickly went viral, earning Smiley public censure for capturing the assault on his iPhone instead of trying to stop it.

Smiley released another video on his YouTube channel just days later defending his actions that night.

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