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HILLARY-THE-PREVARICATOR: Here’s 5 Questions Hillary Clinton Ducked

By Clash Daily

March 11, 2015 at 7:47 pm

Here are five questions Hillary avoided like the plague at her press conference.

BY Ron Fournier, National Journal

Let's cut through the spin and faux disclosure to consider five questions Hillary Rodham Clinton didn't answer Tuesday.

QUESTION: What was her motive for stashing emails on a secret server registered to her home (a violation of federal regulations and Obama White House policy)?

It wasn't "a matter of convenience." That's why she chose to use a personal account to send and receive work-related emails, an explanation that is both plausible and permissible.


QUESTION: Does she consider emails about her family foundation to be personal?

QUESTION: Do Democratic leaders honestly believe Clinton is their best candidate?

QUESTION: Does she really want to run for president? Does she want to endure a process subjecting herself to scrutiny, skepticism, and post-Internet transparency?

QUESTION: What else might she be hiding?

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