SOMEONE TELL PETA: Frat Boy Spring Breaker BITES HEAD Off a Live HAMSTER In This Video

Who does this? That’s just gross. Although I’m sure the bunny lovers are going nuts.

A college student has been filmed biting the head off a live hamster.

The video, seen by, shows the apparently drunk man pull the animal from a backpack as he is jeered on by a crowd of scantily-clad teenagers at a suspected spring break party.

Grinning, he takes a bite, spits part of the animal on the ground, and hurls the rest over a fence.

The crowd erupts with shrieking laughter as the man in a pink wolf t-shirt beams wildly at the phone cameras and girls around him.

Animal rights group PETA has launched a manhunt to track down the man, who is reported to be a fraternity member at Florida State University.

Read more: Daily Mail

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