‘TAKE OFF MY UNIFORM’: Watch What Happens When An Angry Army Vet Confronts Panhandler ‘Faking’ Military Connection

Faking military service is probably the most insulting thing you can ever do to someone who actually risked their life for America.

Emotionally-charged video shows the moment an angry Army veteran called out a panhandler in Tampa, Florida for faking a military connection by wearing a camouflage uniform.

Garrett Goodwin, who spent nearly 10 years in the Army as a combat medic, spotted the allegedly phony veteran while driving down the main road to MacDill Air Force Base on Sunday.

When he first spoke with the beggar, Goodwin started to get suspicious since he claimed to be special forces but was wearing a Junior ROTC patch on his uniform.

He then had a friend record him as he went back up to the panhandler and demanded to see his veterans ID card, which the unidentified panhandler said he didn’t have.

The clip then shows Goodwin pursuing the beggar across a busy intersection as he berates the man for wearing a uniform that ‘my brothers died in’.

The panhandler appears to be intimidated by Goodwin in the video, and keeps stepping out into traffic to avoid the much larger man.

‘You take that uniform off,’ Goodwin says over and over.

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