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THATCHER EXPERT: ‘American Govt Conspiring Against Constitution’…’Iron Lady Would Be Appalled’

This is what we’ve all known this whole time.

A visitor to America might think Democrats won last fall’s election and that Republicans lost. Why? Because, when observers connect the dots, Republicans are on defense, ceding legislative powers to an aggressive executive branch in an unprecedented manner.

Despite electoral losses for his party, President Obama is on offense. He is now testing the radical proposition of having his secretary of state negotiate a nuclear weapons deal with the world’s leading state sponsor of jihadist terror without having the Senate ratify the treaty. How? By naming it an “agreement” rather than a “treaty,” and by seeking its authority through the United Nations rather than Congress.

As Andrew C, McCarthy wrote this month, “It is otherworldly to find an American administration conspiring against the Constitution and the Congress in cahoots with a terror-sponsoring enemy regime, with which we do not even have formal diplomatic relations, in order to pave the enemy’s way to nuclear weapons, of all things.”

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