Published on March 23, 2015

Pastors pen an open letter rebuking Franklin Graham for his viral Facebook post addressed to ‘Blacks, Whites, Latinos, and Everybody Else’.

Writer and faith leader Lisa Sharon Harper, among others, subsequently dismissed Graham’s post as “short” and “patronizing,” noting that pastors and the faithful who are opposed to its sentiment came together to write an open letter rebuking the faith leader.

“The fact that you identify a widely acknowledged social injustice as ‘simple’ reveals your lack of empathy and understanding of the depth of sin that some in the body have suffered under the weight of our broken justice system,” the letter read. “It also reveals a cavalier disregard for the enduring impacts and outcomes of the legal regimes that enslaved and oppressed people of color, made in the image of God — from Native American genocide and containment, to colonial and antebellum slavery, through Jim Crow and peonage, to our current system of mass incarceration and criminalization.”

The letter concluded by noting that signatories forgive Graham for his remarks and invite him to participate in a discussion about reconciliation. Read that letter here.

Here is Graham’s original Facebook post:

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