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BUTT RAPED WITH SAUSAGE: One Must Endure This To Join ‘Elite Group’ In Texas

I hope they like jail because something tells me karma is gonna bite them in the ass…no pun intended.

Six people — including five volunteer firefighters — face criminal charges in Ellis County after a firefighter trainee reported last week that he’d been sexually penetrated with a sausage in January.

Authorities arrested Keith Wisakowsky, 26; Casey Stafford, 30; Alec Miller, 28; Blake Tucker, 19; and Preston Peyrot on sexual assault charges. Texas Rangers allege Brittany Leanne Parten, 23, illegally filmed the assault on her phone. The video features yelling and laughing during the incident, the Rangers say.

According to the Rangers, who were called in by Ellis County to investigate after the trainee came forward on March 31, the men committing the assault initially planned on using a broomstick before deciding a link of chorizo in the fridge was a better choice.

Read more: Dallas Observer

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