COURTESY OF A LEFTIST NEAR YOU: The Criminalization of Christianity

Written by Noreen O'Brien on April 26, 2015

Another video was recently released of Christians being beheaded, again in Libya. And by now most of the world has seen the dead Christian bodies floating in the Mediterranean, thrown overboard by Muslims because they worshiped a real deity.

Franklin Graham asked the other day if the world is no longer shocked by Christians having their heads chopped off. He wonders if we’ve all become accustomed to the brutal violence of Islam.

I wonder if the media is downplaying the brutality of Islam so the progressive agenda can be played out without fear. After all our government doesn’t want people frightened about being overrun with Muslims that kill Christians and gays and brutalizes women. Half their voters will turn Republican!

James Dobson states that Christians will soon be a hated minority. And Maggie Gallagher, a co-founder of National Organization for Marriage, says that homosexual advocates have no interest in a “live and let live tolerance”. And that after redefining marriage, their agenda will be to redefine Christianity.

And even our favorite, not-one-accomplishment, Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton thinks religious beliefs need to be overhauled in order to make way for the progressive future. Mrs. Clinton is convinced that women are being denied access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth. And that when gay and transgendered women are embraced as colleagues and friends and not fired from their jobs for who they love, will we have achieved a utopian society. She threatens that laws need to be backed up with resources and political will. I can’t believe she got a standing ovation for these 60’s canards.

There is no room of course for those of us who would rather choose who embrace us.

Mike Huckabee believes the U.S. is moving to criminalize Christianity and I agree. If same sex marriage is ruled legal in America then of course speaking out against it, will be made illegal.

LGBT’s Jeran Artery, chairman of Wyoming Equality (except, of course, if you’re Christian) is demanding churches who follow the Bible, be shut down, and if they don’t support gay marriage, lose their tax exempt status.

Last week two North Carolina churches were damaged by homosexual fascists. They suffered thousands of dollars in damage. Signs were broken windows smashed, buildings spray painted, pelted with eggs and sprayed with silly string.

Amazing these guys never get their panties in a bunch when Muslims hang gays or throw them off buildings just because they’re gay. I guess silly string doesn’t have the same impact in Iran.

According to Freedom Force the two churches had never spoken out against sodomy, there was no link between them at all. They were attacked just because they’re Christians.

According to Freedom Outpost the persecution of Christians in America is well under way and they list a few of the latest examples.

In Lexington, Kentucky, Blaine Adamson was forced to undergo “sensitivity training” for refusing to print t-shirts for a gay pride festival. I wonder if it was a paid training??
Photographer Elaine Huguenin was forced to pay a lesbian $7000 for refusing to photograph her “marriage” ceremony.

And of course, one of the saddest stories in my opinion was in Oregon where Aaron and Melissa Klein, young parents of five children were fined $150,000 for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding thus destroying their business and dreams.
The list does go on.

We hear now that the military is being purged of Christians and they are being discouraged from joining. If what I hear is true, it’s because they will be the soldiers that will refuse to fire on their fellow Americans.

The ACLU wants to force Christians to pay for abortions for illegals and now we have mainline Christian organizations who want Father and Son removed from the Bible because it’s considered offensive.

I often wonder how we got to this point in our country. And then again I’m amazed at another Biblical prediction that has come true. That of brother against brother. In my opinion it has nothing to do with self-awareness or outrage over inequality or discrimination. I believe all or most of this evil animosity stems from a moving away from God. It stems from our willingness to be led by individuals who are just that, individuals and who can only stay in power by finding new and threatening boogey men to protect us against. We’re so willing to be taken care of that our time is spent finding fault in our brothers and neighbors instead of bettering ourselves and working towards a truly free and loving America.

We were once a nation of rugged individualists who have been replaced with people who look down their noses at us and consider themselves royalty.

I don’t want these people to lead me, I don’t like where they’re going.

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Noreen O'Brien
Noreen O'Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.