DEAR TED CRUZ: Don’t Try To Hip & Cool, Hip & Cool Got Us Screwed, Be A Leader Dammit!

Published on April 10, 2015

The following screed was penned by’s friend, Rick McCreight.  Enjoy and someone forward this to Ted’s offices.

Dear Mr. Cruz,You have been blessed with a big head of steam in your pursuit of the presidency of the USA. And I am in your camp. But I ask that you please refrain from trying to be clever or adding any joking to your interviews. Don’t screw this up!

Please stay on point, hard to truth, and resolute to victory! I don’t want to know your wife or kids or, frankly, very much about your life. Our great nation is in critical straits and it is time to approach this position of power with extreme seriousness. I do not think you are cool, hip, or good looking.

I do however believe that you are highly qualified and equipped to, at the very least, turn this nation toward its constitutional foundation and to deal with the catastrophic mountain of debt and mismanagement that will, unarguably, destroy us. I believe you understand America’s role in the world and how dangerous it has become.

We have had a cool, hip, and “good looking” placeholder in the top seat for over 6 years and we are in disastrous and dire straits.

Please put two pictures on your bathroom mirror. One of the best looking cool kats (you’ll have to ask some girl who that is because guys are pretty gross to me) and one of George Washington on his knees at Valley Forge. Realize you are not the former but you can be the latter and then let God work through you everyday!

Stay in critical mode and have a “dadittude”! It’s time for the kids to leave the room!