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‘ECO WARRIOR’ LEONARDO DICAPRIO: Flew On A Private Jet from NY to LA 6x in 6wks

Sony hack documents reveal that DiCaprio, who is a big celebrity advocate for environmental causes, flew on a private jet plane 6 times in 6 weeks.

He’s a high profile advocate of environmental causes, believes the world must act now to combat the effects of global climate change and is producing documentaries about endangered species.

But accusations of hypocrisy have also dogged Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, 40, with detractors accusing him of not practicing what he preaches.

Now with RadarOnline reporting Friday that he took six private jet flights in just six weeks last year, it may prove hard for the actor to justify the need to avail himself of more than $200,000 worth of private travel between LA and New York in such a short period of time. 

Read more: Daily Mail

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