HERE’S SOME BS: Boston Globe, ‘Marathon Jihadist Does Not Deserve to Die’

To think anything would be fit for his punishment is absurd. Only in Obamaland.

By Todd Starnes, Fox Nation

Should the Boston Marathon jihadist get life or death? The jury that convicted Dzhokhar Tsarnaev meets next week to decide his fate.

The evidence against him is indisputable – 30 counts, 30 guilty verdicts. Three people died that day at the Boston Marathon; 260 others were injured by a pair of cold-blooded Islamic radical killers.

Dzhokhar’s brother already met his fate. And next week, he will meet his.

The Boston Herald spoke for many, if not most, with an editorial calling for “No Mercy for Tsarnaev.” But the editorial staff of the Boston Globe disagrees. They write that Tsarnaev “does not meet the exceptionally high standards for a federal execution.”

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