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HEY, LIBERTY LOVERS: Here’s EXACTLY Why the Religious Freedom Act Is So Important

Allen West explains why Christians should care about the Religious Freedom Act in this slap down.

I’ve been watching the debate over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act — and now Arkansas has adopted similar legislation. Now, in full disclosure, I support civil unions believing that marriage is defined as a relationship between one man and one woman — the traditional view. I fully support anyone choosing within his or her “pursuit of happiness” to enjoin in a relationship with someone of the same sex — privilege to choose, not a mandated right.

What I find interesting is this liberal progressive leftist rant over “fairness.” I am still wondering who are those people in the far away rooms that determine what is fair or what is for the “social good”.

I am quite certain the same baker would have humbly declined to bake a cake for a polygamous event or something else inconsistent with their beliefs. Is it fair that that baker has lost their business and been viciously attacked? Or how about a photographer who humbly declines a request to shoot a same sex marriage due to their religious belief. Is it fair that the state, i.e. the government, should bring suit against them and destroy their business? Somehow I don’t think that was what Jefferson had in mind.

Therefore, have we come to a point in America where the right of an individual to hold religious beliefs is being made subject by way of coercion, intimidation, and government tyranny to the whims of a minority? Maybe, just maybe that’s why Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Act — to protect those with religious beliefs — which are not radical — from persecution. Then maybe we are no longer a nation with a Judeo-Christian faith heritage that respects and honors Christian principles. If that be the case, and this is the opening towards a secular humanist state, just say so.

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