Ricky Gervais Calls Hunters, ‘Murdering Scum’, Animal Expert Calls Them, ‘Conservationists’

Written by Doug Giles on April 22, 2015

Ricky Gervais is at it again. Calling hunters ‘murdering scum’. Check it out.

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Isn’t he cute? Too funny, eh?  I wonder if Ricky wears leather or eats meat, chicken or fish? Or if he has leather seats or products in his home, car or office? I wonder if he only eats and uses the hides of animals that die of natural causes, that aren’t brutally slaughtered and then butchered all for his culinary or decorating delights? Or, maybe Ricky doesn’t eat meat and he’s a vegan. I wonder if he knows that farmers have special permits and have to kill animals on a regular basis; like deer, rabbits and boar, that prey on Ricky’s veggies?  Do tell, Ricky. Do tell.

Finally, I’d love to hear or see Ricky rebut the video below. Matter of fact, I challenge you, Ricky, and all your anti-hunters, to systematically refute Legarth’s scientific claims or STFU about hunters.

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The video below is one of the most powerful apologetics for ‘sport’ hunting. The sad thing is that no matter how much scientific data is presented from hands on experts, the anti-hunting lunatics fueled by emotion and Disney movies will not change their daft minds.

Good luck refuting this, Ricky. Good luck.

Via YouTube:

When it comes to animals, people’s behavior is usually driven by their emotions instead of facts and knowledge — it’s a behavior that can result in the exact opposite of what was intended. There is no picture perfect or black and white — conservation is usually a choice between two evils. A choice that can either save some of the world’s most iconic animals — or lead to their extinction. After working with the big cats in Southern Africa, Mikkel Legarth from Denmark co-founded Modisa Wildlife Project – a project that wants to define new standards on how we feel, think and act with regards to conservation.

Watching documentaries and studying books about the wildlife of Africa has been a passion of Mikkel’s since forever. A trip to Africa in 2008 completely changed his life. After volunteering to care for the area’s big cats, Mikkel extended his stay to 10 months, working in a management position where he oversaw up to 60 volunteers from across the world. Recently he co-founded the Modisa Wildlife Project to help create a better future for the wildlife of Botswana.






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