HEY, GAYSTAPO: Here’s 10 Business Reasons Liberals Should Support Christian Liberty

Written by Wes Walker on April 10, 2015

10. Wedding planning. Companies exist that offer wedding services specifically, and exclusively to same-sex couples. Should they be accused of hetero-phobia?

The moral of the story is that some jobs, gigs and business arrangements can absolutely be refused for perfectly natural reasons that have nothing to do with biases against a certain person or group.

Business is business. We sell ourselves as a brand. Whom we associate with helps define us in the eyes of those we do business with.

Take the niche, for example, of same-sex wedding services (catering, flowers, planning, etc). That is branding. Business. They will either stand or fall, based on their business model. Might they “hate” heterosexuals? Who knows, and — more importantly — who cares?

They have a right to target a niche they think is profitable. They will select their associations in ways that will maximize, rather than diminish, their profile among their target market.

Which is precisely what the Christian businesses are doing.

Unless you’re going to tell me that Springsteen and Lady Gaga don’t have the right to refuse gigs at the GOP, or that Sierra Club members have to speak at mining companies, or fitness clubs can’t refuse memberships to men, you’ve already accepted the premise that you are not actually obligated to do business with everyone who asks.

For a group that so often claims to be on the side of Freedom of choice, they spend a lot of time and energy micromanaging everybody’s lives. Isn’t that what they claim to hate about other people?

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