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AT WAR! Peter Thiel, Libertarians, and Why I’m Now an Enemy of the Left and Right

Peter Thiel backs a group called Transparency Toolkit which has placed me on a watch list for potential surveillance and human rights abuses, and this is the final straw for me in my tolerance for the left and right. I am their enemy and they both want eternal war.

Legacy media reported on a conspiracy theory organization called Transparency Toolkit and its targeting of the intelligence community. However, after I discovered that Transparency Toolkit placed me on a watch list for potential surveillance and human rights abuses, I broke the exclusive story on how PayPal founder and libertarian Peter Thiel is one of the backers of Transparency Toolkit. I uncovered and reported on three major things that no one else has: that Peter Thiel backs the group despite the massive amount of money he has made off the IC (and he’s not included on the watch list), that Transparency Toolkit doesn’t know Thiel and doesn’t fully know or understand where he or the rest of its backers get their money, and that the résumé Transparency Toolkit said is mine is a fabrication, containing some truths but other material that is entirely false.

I have more to report on Thiel and Transparency Toolkit and that will happen in due time. But for now it’s simply time to admit that things have changed forevermore for me with regards to both the left and right.

Capital “L” Libertarians are creeps and I’ve long been tired of them. They advocated for the enemy and against U.S. troops while I served in the Army Reserve and IC, and they advocated for other leftist ideology. Nevertheless, conservatives surrendered to them and thus the right now embraces libertarian/leftist ideology such as support for sodomy, a dislike for the NSA, and a desire to legalize drugs. So having major libertarian Peter Thiel (who is huge in the conservative establishment) back a group that has placed me on a watch list for potential abuses is simply the final betrayal for me.

But beyond this I’m tired of people wanting war in general. The claim that people want peace is a lie. In fact, peace is the god that failed.

Our leaders—political, social, cultural, and spiritual—have gained their leadership and power because of popular support in one form or another. And they all promote constant war even if they say they want peace. In fact, those crying loudest for peace want war the most. That is what gives them their power. They create “problems” (“bathroom equality,” “marriage equality,” “lack of diversity, “undocumented citizens,” “climate change,” and so forth) so they then can “solve” them all the while they demonize and urge war against those who won’t bow to their perverse fantasies.

So war it is, against the left and the right.

I will, of course, from time-to-time agree with the right on certain issues. But I no longer have any fealty to it any more than I have any loyalty to or affinity for the GOP. There might not be any noticeable change in my outward behavior and thoughts towards conservatism, but then again there might be.

After all, now that a major conservative leader backs a group that has put me on a watch list for potential investigation of potential surveillance and human rights abuses simply because I did the right thing, you can be sure that I now am now an enemy of conservatism and will hate it with passion.


Paul Hair

Paul Hair is an author and national security/intelligence expert. He writes fiction and nonfiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter. He provides his national security and intelligence insight as a freelance consultant. Connect with him at Contact him at if you are interested in his professional services.