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#FREDDIEGRAY: Here’s THE VIDEO The Freddie Gray Apologists Don’t Want You To See!

Video evidence emerges of Freddie Gray running into a building during the police chase, and then doubling back before his arrest.

Baltimore police have continually said their initial reasoning for suspecting Freddie Gray of suspicious activity was his immediate running from police when bicycle officers made eye contact.  However, no-one has revealed he ran into a building.

Thanks to the painstaking reconstruction work of Diwataman who is going through all the available CCTV footage [camera #2014], you can clearly see Freddie Gray in this BPD video running into a building:

@10:10 of video – Freddie Runing (8:40:07am)
@10:12 of video – Freddie Enters Building (8:40:09am )
@12:10 of video – Van arriving (8:42:07am)
@17:20 of video – Van at Mount and Baker (8:47:17 to 8:50:00am) Video end.

Here’s another angle from another camera [#2106] of the Freddie Gray Arrest timeframe. This camera does not cover the doorway where he ran into the building.

09:53 of video – Freddie Runs (8:39:50 am)
10:12 of video – Bike Cop (8:40:09 am) <- [Unseen Freddie Entering Building] 10:44 of video – Cop with two bikes (8:40:40 am)
11:15 of video – Cop Cars arrive (8:41:12 am)
11:36 of video – Arrest (8:41:33 am)
12:31 of video – Freddie Face Down (8:42:28 am)
13:31 of video – Witness visible who recorded Vid (8:43:28 am)
14:16 of video – Police Van (8:44:14 am)
16:05 of video – Police van leaves (8:46:02 am)

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