HOODED THUG: Dash Cam Records Motorist Stopped at 1:30am by Mysterious Figure – Then Something Terrifying Happens

This some freaky stuff. Lock and load.

It’s the kind of stuff that horror movies are made of – driving along a deserted country road in the dead of the night when a hooded figure appears in front of you.

But for a man, and his wife following in the car behind, it was a terrifying reality at 1.30am on Sunday while driving along the pitch dark Lake Road near Kearsley, two hours north of Sydney.

The haunting footage, caught on the man’s dashboard camera, shows a four-wheel drive blocking the intersection when an eerie-looking hooded man steps forward and then stands side on to the car with his head down.

As the unsure motorist slows down, the man lunges forward and screams towards the car when the shocked driver immediately puts his foot down and speeds away.

As if the bizarre ordeal wasn’t terrifying enough, the rattled motorist tried to call his wife, who was driving about a minute behind him with her girlfriend, but he couldn’t make contact to warn her. 

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