SCHOOL TELLS GIRL SHE CAN’T QUOTE BIBLE: Now Parents Are Threatening to Do This

Published on May 21, 2015

This girl’s parents were shocked to here what their daughter told them when she came home and had to make an “All About Me” presentation. Now they are threatening to sue.

When a sixth-grader was given an “All About Me” PowerPoint assignment that was intended to include details about her life and an “inspirational saying” of her choice she planned to share John 3:16 in an effort to illustrate the importance of her Christian faith — but she claims that her teacher wouldn’t allow it.

The educator reportedly said that “Bible verses or quotations from the Book of Mormon” weren’t permitted.

It wasn’t until a few months later that Mackenzie Fraiser, 12, told her parents about the purported scripture prohibition after she was given a separate assignment about self-esteem by the same teacher at Somerset Academy near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fraiser, the pastor of Grace Point Church in North Las Vegas, Nevada, said that he emailed the teacher, assuming that there had been a miscommunication — but then he received a response from the assistant principal at the public charter school that affirmed that his daughter’s recollection of events was correct.

Liberty Institute attorney Jeremy Dys told TheBlaze that the law is very clear on the matter and that the teacher and assistant principal were in the wrong for precluding Mackenzie — or any other student for that matter — from including scripture in classwork.

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