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DALLAS POLICE HQ: Multiple Gunmen Open Fire And Plant Bombs At Dallas Police HQ

A huge stand off is happening in Dallas after a gang of gunmen opened fire on police with automatic weapons and planted explosives. Scroll down for the updates via Twitter:

Police in Dallas are in an armed stand-off with a gang of gunmen who opened fire on police headquarters in the dead of night after one allegedly accused officers of taking his son.

Automatic weapons blazed out in the Texas city around midnight after an armored van rammed a police car then fled.

Officers gave chase down the freeway, and have said they believe multiple gunmen are inside the vehicle.

The chase ended in a fast food parking lot in the nearby suburb of Hutchins, where the gunmen and officers exchanged fire again.

As of 7:30am local time, the stand-off was still going.

Police also found at least two pipe bombs planted around the area – one of which exploded when a disposal robot tried to disarm it.

One of the attackers identified himself as James Boulware, 50, of Paris, Texas.

Dallas Police chief David Brown said Boulware told officers he blames them for losing custody of his son and that he was going to ‘blow us [the police] up’ in retaliation.

Police held the men at bay until a SWAT Team showed up and was sent in. Officers have been manning the area for around eight hours.

One of the gunmen told officers he had been injured – but police could no confirm whether that was true.

Bomb disposal experts continued to scour the area around police HQ for more bombs Saturday morning.

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